Welcome to Chinese Americans for Hillary

Dear Friends,
In the last few months, much in the news has been confusing, frightening, divisive, and sometimes simply untrue. It’s been hard to tell what’s reality and what’s not.
At times, you may have felt fear. The language of hate, discrimination, and anger may be incredibly difficult to hear and make you feel hopeless. It may make you want to turn off that TV, sit out this election, and focus on the things in front of you that you can control.
That’s exactly what we cannot do.
This is one of the most important times in our lifetimes. This Presidential election can determine the direction the country goes — forward or backward, together or divided.
When our families came to this country, whether generations ago or in recent years, we came for the promise of something better than we were leaving behind. We are in this country to escape the very language of discrimination, fear, and hate that we hear today.
For generations, America has been the beacon of hope, freedom, and opportunity. This hope draws millions to our shore. You, or your parents and grandparents, believed in this dream. We had nothing but the unshakable belief that in this land of opportunity, our abilities, our kindness, our skills, and our efforts will carry us and our children to a better life.
I am asking you to believe in this dream. To believe that these opportunities hold true for the next generation and many generations to come. That the hard work and sacrifice that brought us here will carry all of us to continued prosperity.

America is a country of building bridges, not building walls. There is only one candidate that represents America at its best, and that is Hillary Clinton.

There is so much to be hopeful about in America. Our way of life is tolerance. America is at its best in the moments when we help each other. Like when a friendly neighbor offers to help an immigrant family with limited English skills. Or the first moment when you know that your children will have all the opportunities that you never had, and it makes all of your sacrifice — the sleepless nights, the loneliness, the hard work — worth it. America, at its best, is the moment when we swear in during the citizenship ceremony, where we’re told that we belong in a country where all are welcome.

That is America. More importantly, that is Hillary’s America.

As a first lady, a senator, and Secretary of State, she immersed herself in the details of government, which is why her positions on the issues today are infinitely better thought-out than those of her opponent. She has a track record of working across party lines to get things done. And she cares. She cares about the wellbeing of children, families, and underserved communities. That’s why she has spent her whole life in public service, standing up time and again against failure, keeping up the fight for others.

She is a lot like us.

Today and everyday, I am grateful for the sacrifices you’ve made for your family and others. The lessons you taught me about courage, unity, and love, are the very fabric of why I am proud to be an American, never forgetting that I’m of Asian/Pacific Islander descent too.

It’s easy for us to sit out this election, or to think that our votes really don’t count, but they absolutely do. Elections aren’t just about who votes, but who doesn’t vote. The Asian American and Pacific Islander community is the fastest-growing minority in America, but it’s still significantly underrepresented at the ballot box. Just half of eligible AAPI voters are registered to vote. And fewer than half of that number actually votes.

So if we’re feeling upset with America, and we’re not voting, that has to change.

The stakes in this election are high. It’s not too late. We can still turn this around, and every vote and voice matters, including ours.

Talk to your friends. Share this letter. Register to vote if you haven’t already.  And on November 8, let’s cast our ballots for Hillary Clinton together.

With love and respect,

Chinese Americans for Hillary


在過去的幾個月裡,有許多混淆,可怕,分裂 而且簡直不是真實的新聞。這已經令人無法分辨孰是孰非的事實?



這是我們的一生中最重要的時刻之一。 因為總統大選將會決定國家的未來方向: 前進或退步; 團結或是分裂。




美國是一個築橋,非築牆的國家。只有一位最佳代表美國的總統人選,那就是希拉里。 克林頓。

在美國有這麼許多的願景,其中我們生活的一個方式就是寬容。美國最美好的時刻,是當我們能夠彼此協助。就如同一個友善的鄰居,去幫助英文有限的移民家庭。或在第一剎那知道你的孩子將獲得您從未有過的機會時,這使得所有的犧牲, 廢寢忘食,孤寂,辛勤工作 – 都感覺是值得的。來美國最好的時刻,就是當我們在公民宣誓典禮時,被告知我們所屬的國家歡迎我們。


曾做為第一夫人,參議員和國務卿,她深入於政府事務的細節,這就是為什麼她對當今議題的立場上,比她的對手更能深思謀慮。 她有跨黨派努力共事的實際記錄。而且她關心:她關切兒童,家庭和少福利社區的福祉。這就是為什麼她畢生從事公職服務,時常毅力不饒地面對屢次挫折而繼續奮鬥。


今天,以及每一天, 我感激您們為家人和其他人所做的犧牲。您們教導了我勇氣,團結和關愛, 這些基質令我很自豪地做為一個美國人,而且也永不忘記我的亞太裔傳統。