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Chinese Americans for Hillary is working with the Chinese American community across the nation to raise money on behalf of the Hillary for America campaign.   Using the link and the unique raiser code 127697 provided, we can show our strength in numbers and recognize the power and responsibility we have individually — and collectively — to support Secretary Clinton in order to advance change and an inclusive society where all can be given increased opportunities and achieve their full potential.

If you donate through check or credit card, please make sure that our raiser code 127697 is written on your contribution form on the top-right corner.

An individual may contribute up to $2,700 per election cycle (Note: there are two election cycles, primary and general), and couples may contribute up to $5,400 per election cycle from a joint account. Contributions to Hillary for America are not tax deductible.

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【美籍華人支持希拉里】的組織與全美華裔社區正在為希拉里競選美國總統籌募資金,使用此連結link和專用捐款代碼 127697,我們將展現數量上的優勢,並了解個人的力量及責任,進而作為一個團隊,支持國務卿希拉里推進改革,讓每個人都有機會在一個包容的社會中得到機會展現最大潛力。

如果您透過支票或信用卡捐款,請記得在捐款單的右上角填上我們的專用捐款代碼 127697。

每次選舉競程,個人最多可捐 $2700 (共有兩個競程 – 初選和大選)。每一家庭每次競程最多可從共同帳戶捐 $5400。所有捐款均不可做為抵稅用途。

感謝您的支持 !